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  • Fibergrid is your best choice if you are in search of a web hosting that combines reliability with efficiency. Our mission is to assist all our clients achieve their goals. We offer reliable web hosting combined with powerful and efficient networking. You are guaranteed excellent services with our team of professional expertise and latest technology.
  • Fibergrid’s Dedicated Servers offer you excellent performance and best storage. Our Dedicated Servers are unique in that they can be configured to fit the dictates and exact needs of your business. Our single as well as dual processor dedicated servers offer you a scalable, reliable, efficient and flexible option set up in a state-of-the art premises.
  • Fibergrid offers Colocation Service with assurance of consistent design coupled with operational excellence which enables our customers to conveniently scale their services wherever they desire throughout Europe. We provide you with a formidable foundation for you to build your business on and make it flourish when you use our core data centre services.
  • Fibergrid is aware of the high increasing bandwidth demand by IP Transit Internet Service Providers (ISP), Mobile Operators and content network providers (CDN). This has encouraged us to create IP Transit Services that are not only of high performance but also made available at affordable costs.

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Fibergrid dedicated servers are efficient and reliable. We offer you cost-effective service and the security of your data is guaranteed.



Fibergrid offers colocation service in an environment that is in compliance with TIA-942 standard with regards to heat, humidity, vibration. One of our unique selling point is that our colocation service is global and available without interruption.


Fibergrid offers premium IP transit service to its customers. We have seasoned and highly competent team of professionals to anchor our IP transit service.


Fibergrid network is worldwide and operates latest technology upgraded from time to time to meet the challenges of dynamism in technological advancements.


Our originality makes our services unique in proffering exact solutions that suit your business and ensure it flourishes.


We make our services available wherever you want them. We keep on expanding our network to meet the needs of our customers worldwide.


With our flawless services, your business is able to perform optimally especially with our fast and uninterrupted network which is available 24/7/365.